Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia boasts a diverse culinary landscape where cheese holds a unique position amidst its rich tapestry of flavors. While not as prominent as in Western cuisine, cheese in Southeast Asia encompasses a variety of characteristics tailored to local tastes. From the creamy richness of Indonesian keju to the tangy notes of Filipino kesong puti, each region offers its own interpretation of cheese. In Thailand, cheese finds its way into fusion dishes, blending seamlessly with traditional flavors. Moreover, the region’s tropical climate influences cheese production, resulting in soft and spreadable varieties ideal for warm climates. Despite not being a traditional component of Southeast Asian diets, cheese has found its place in the region’s culinary scene, reflecting its adaptability and the region’s openness to gastronomic experimentation.

Sub-category of Southeast Asia


Philippines boasts a diverse culinary landscape where cheese plays a notable role. Filipino cheese showcases a unique fusion of flavors, influenced by Spanish, American, and...


In Thailand, the cheese scene is an intriguing blend of global influences and local creativity. While not traditionally known for a strong cheese culture, Thailand...

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