In Oceania, cheese plays a notable role in culinary traditions, offering a spectrum of flavors across its diverse islands and cultures. From creamy brie served with fresh fruits to tangy cheddar atop savory pies, Oceania showcases a range of cheese-centric dishes influenced by European settlers and indigenous ingredients. Pacific Islanders incorporate cheese into traditional recipes, infusing local flair into cheese platters and savory snacks enjoyed during festive occasions and everyday meals. The region’s melting pot of culinary influences has led to innovative uses of cheese in fusion cuisine, where it adds depth and richness to dishes, reflecting the vibrant flavors of Oceania’s landscapes and cultures.

Sub-category of Oceania


In Australia, cheese holds a significant place in culinary culture, often enjoyed in various forms and occasions. Australians incorporate cheese into their daily routines, whether...

New Zealand

New Zealand's cheese-making tradition is a testament to its rich history and abundant natural resources. The country's temperate climate and fertile lands provide an optimal...

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