Soft cheeses represent a diverse and indulgent category in the cheese world, known for their creamy textures and delicate flavors. Crafted from a variety of milks, including cow, goat, and sheep, soft cheeses undergo a gentle aging process that allows them to develop their characteristic smoothness and richness. From the buttery notes of Brie to the tangy subtlety of Camembert, each soft cheese offers a unique taste experience. These cheeses are versatile companions in the culinary realm, whether spread on crackers, melted over dishes, or enjoyed on their own. These cheeses delight the palate with their luscious mouthfeel and nuanced flavors, making them a beloved choice for both casual gatherings and elegant dining occasions.

Sub-category of Soft


Aged cheeses, a distinguished subset of soft cheeses, undergo a meticulous aging process that enhances their flavors and textures. During aging, enzymes break down proteins...


Fresh cheeses, a category within soft cheeses, boast a delicate texture and mild flavor profile. They are typically made with minimal aging, resulting in a...

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