Cheese Similar to Manchego

Exploring the World of Cheeses Similar to Manchego


Manchego, a traditional Spanish cheese made from sheep’s milk, is renowned for its distinct flavor and firm, crumbly texture. If you’re a fan of Manchego and want to discover other cheeses that share similar characteristics, you’re in for a treat. In this article, we will delve into various cheese varieties that are akin to Manchego, exploring their origins, production methods, flavors, textures, and suggested culinary uses. Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey with cheeses similar to Manchego.


Originating from the Navarra region of Spain, Roncal cheese is often considered the closest relative to Manchego. Made from sheep’s milk, Roncal shares similarities in terms of its firm texture and distinct flavor. It boasts a rich and nutty taste with hints of sweetness and a slightly tangy finish. Roncal is typically aged for several months, resulting in a cheese that is ideal for grating, slicing, or enjoying on a cheese platter.

Pecorino Toscano:

Hailing from Italy, Pecorino Toscano is another cheese akin to Manchego. Made from sheep’s milk, it offers a similar firm texture and a slightly salty and tangy taste. Pecorino Toscano is typically aged for a shorter period, resulting in a milder and creamier flavor than Roncal or Manchego. It can be enjoyed independently, grated over pasta dishes, or paired with fruits and honey.


Zamorano cheese, originating from the Castilla y León region of Spain, is often compared to Manchego due to its production method and flavor profile. Made from sheep’s milk, Zamorano has a firm and compact texture with a slightly grainy mouthfeel. It offers a robust and complex flavor with nutty undertones and a hint of sharpness. Zamorano is commonly used for grating, shaving, or enjoying cheese platters.

Serra da Estrela:

Hailing from Portugal, Serra da Estrela is a cheese similar to Manchego, albeit with a softer and creamier texture. Made from sheep’s milk, it is renowned for its rich buttery flavor. Serra da Estrela has a velvety texture that is perfect for spreading on bread or enjoying with honey and preserves. It is typically aged for a shorter period, resulting in a cheese that is best consumed when it is young and creamy.


Originating from the Basque and Béarn regions of France, Ossau-Iraty is a cheese made from sheep’s milk that shares similarities with Manchego. It has a firm yet supple texture and a nuanced flavor profile. Ossau-Iraty offers a balanced combination of sweet, nutty, and fruity notes. It can be enjoyed on its own, grated over salads or gratins, or paired with cured meats and olives.


Idiazabal cheese, also from the Basque region of Spain, is made from sheep’s milk and shares some similarities with Manchego. It has a firm and compact texture with a slightly smoky aroma. Idiazabal boasts a complex flavor profile with notes of caramel, nuts, and a subtle tang. It is often enjoyed on cheese platters, grated over dishes, or paired with quince paste and crusty bread.

Fiore Sardo:

Hailing from Sardinia, Italy, Fiore Sardo is a cheese made from sheep’s milk that offers a unique flavor profile similar to Manchego. It is known for its smoky and slightly pungent aroma. Fiore Sardo has a firm texture with a nutty and savory taste. It is commonly grated over pasta dishes, used in frittatas, or enjoyed alongside olives and cured meats.


Manchego cheese holds a special place in the hearts of cheese enthusiasts, but there is a whole world of cheeses similar to Manchego waiting to be discovered. From the robust flavors of Roncal and Zamorano to the creaminess of Pecorino Toscano and Serra da Estrela, each cheeses offers a unique experience reminiscent of Manchego’s distinct characteristics.

Whether you prefer a firm and crumbly texture or a softer and creamier cheese, these Manchego-like cheeses provide a variety of options for both everyday enjoyment and special occasions. So, grab a cheese knife, explore these delightful cheeses, and savor the flavors of cheeses similar to Manchego.

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