Mimolette Cheese Facts

All About Mimolette Cheese

If you are looking for a great and unique cheese, then you should consider mimolette cheese. From its production, to its wine pairing, this style of cheese has its many perks. While it is not that common, many great chefs use it for its nutty and butter underlining taste. If you are looking to mix things up, then consider this type of cheese.

All great cheeses not only taste great but they also have a long and rich history. The mimolette style of cheese was first crafted in the 17th century in Holland and soon became very popular in France. Like any quality cheese, the mimolette style has many distinguishable features. First, it is always recognizable by its shape. It is usually molded into a rounded sphere. It also a dark orange-yellow color. A unique feature of this cheese is its serving age. While other types of cheeses age young, mimolette is best served when it is eighteen months. Because of this, mimolette is a pricier cheese.

Probably the most unique feature behind mimolette cheese is the way it is made. Many people find it disgusting. As stated before, the cheese is best served when it has had the opportunity to age. To manufacture quantities, producers have to store the product in cold damp cellars. Weekly, workers come in to turn the cheese over and brush off cheese mites that have been feeding on it. Cheese mites are purposely placed on the cheese to add the distinct flavor that mimolette has. By eating the surface area of the aging cheese, the mites give it a distinct flavor. When the workers come in, they brush off not only mite but also the excrement that has built up over the previous week.

If you can look past the process of production, you will be able to enjoy a fine cheese. One of the best features that mimolette has is the different stages it can be served. While it is best served when it is eighteen months old, it can be served as early as six. Known as half-old, mimolette cheese takes on different taste during its youngest serving age. For example, it as a similar taste and smell to Parmesan cheese when it is half old. The older it gets, the more it strays from that taste. When it gets to eighteen months, it becomes more chewy and harder.

Mimolette is a good complement to various wines. If you are serving cheese, crackers, and wine, it is highly recommended that you serve it with a desert wine. For example, mimolette goes well with muscatel or a sweet Riesling. They can also be served with either a sherry or a port wine. If you are looking to cook with this cheese, consider using it for anything that requires grating. It is a popular cheese to use on salads, soups, omelets and macaroni and cheese. It is commonly substituted for Parmesan and cheddar

Unless you live in a major city, you should expect to order the cheese. This helps add to the overall cost. Also, the age is a big factor in determining the price. For a twelve month old, one pound ball, you can expect to pay anywhere from fifty to hundred dollars. Since it is a specialty, you can expect high quality from anywhere you order.

Mimolette cheese is a great for wines, party dishes and specialty dishes. If you are not into cheeses, it might be hard to look past the cheese mites but you must remember, this style of cheese has survived for hundreds of years.

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